Support Expected Rise to Stress & Maternity Absences with SAS Wellbeing 



There is no doubt that the last 12 months has brought unprecedented demand on schools’ time, energy, and resources. As we look to the (hopefully) not too distant future, restrictions will begin to lift and life will begin to return to a more normal routine. However, as we look to the future, we are mindful that schools will soon be facing new challenges.  

Our research and market insight predicts a rise in stress related absences due to the pressures and anxieties of the last 12 months, as well as an increase in reported maternity cases. The increase in stress related absences is expected to rise around 28%, and maternity absences around 23%. We can ensure your school has the right cover in place to protect your budget against these potential absences, with no increase in our rates. 

SAS work to proactively support school staff and last year added 13 new mental and physical health services in an effort to address staff’s wellbeing needs before absences occur.  

SAS is a DfE approved supplier of staff absence insurance and whole school wellbeing support is inclusive with our policies. Contact a SAS to learn more 01773 814 400








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