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The re-opening of schools in the Spring term is fantastic news for all. 

Pupils and staff have returned to classrooms after extraordinary times, and as a School Business Leader, the question of how your school can make the best use of its estate whilst welcoming people safely back on site, could be a challenge. 

Leading school advisors Synergy Construction and Property Consultants LLP can help. 

Partnering with schools, our teams have over fifty years’ of building consultancy experience in the education sector. 

Working with Academies, MATs, VA Schools, Community and Independent Schools, our teams provide a comprehensive range of services. This includes cost, building surveying and project management advice in relation to new build, alteration, repair and maintenance building projects.  

We are highly experienced in strategic estate planning and have helped numerous schools understand their priorities for development, maintenance and repair, maximising school resources, minimising disruption and ensuring the longevity of estates for many years to come.  

In addition, our teams also provide specialist funding consultancy. This includes Condition Improvement Fund (CIF), LCVAP, CIL, Lottery and School Capital Funding Allocation (SCA). In the last round, our teams supported schools with over 175 CIF and 80 LCVAP Bids. 

If you would be interested in meeting a member of our team, please drop us a line on   

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