Podcast: Join Zenergi on a school visit identifying energy saving measures




Have you ever wondered if you have overlooked the energy efficiency of your school?  

Join Zenergi’s Head of Business Development, Chris Jermy, on a whistle-stop tour as he undertakes a simple energy audit at a school. 

From the boiler house to the IT suite and everywhere in between, Chris offers helpful advice on common wasteful practices that could be draining both energy and budget.  

Looking at both quick wins and longer-term investments, the session offers helpful advice on heating, insulation, ventilation, lighting, central control systems and much more.  

Listen to the bite-sized podcast (13 minutes) and see how many of the issues are present at your site. 


If you are interested in learning more about energy audits, contact us. A full energy audit involves a comprehensive review of a school’s carbon footprint; systems; and operation/usage patterns. An audit typically pays for itself within one year by the savings delivered in the identified measures, and offers the following benefits: 

Identifies free / quick win opportunities for energy saving 

Identifies longer term opportunities relating to plant, building fabrics, equipment and infrastructure upgrades 

Reduces kWh consumption and associated energy spend 

Solves building performance issues, such as overheating 

Health and Safety notice: Please note that this podcast was recorded in a COVID-secure manner, eliminating all contact with pupils and staff.  


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