3 Essentials For Attracting September 2022 Pupil Applications




As we slowly and cautiously emerge from full lockdown into a summer term of pupil-filled schools, the countdown for 2022 entry applications will begin in earnest. One thing is crystal clear: the pandemic speeded up the ‘digital first’ approach to school enquiries, causing families to spend longer investigating potential schools online than ever before.

Key aspects of the digital first parent approach are here to stay. It’s essential your digital ‘assets’ – including your website, your social media, your video content, virtual tour and so on - are working hard for your school. Take the time to carry out an audit of your school’s online presence and address any weaknesses as soon as you can.

Most parents are likely to get their first impression of your school via your website. It is your shop window; consider how the website appears to those who’ve never visited before:

  • Is the photography bright and engaging? Does it truly reflect every aspect of the school at work and play?

  • Is it intuitive to use? Can parents find the information they need simply and easily? It is particularly important to clearly signpost everything pertinent to applications, such as information evenings, the admissions process and relevant links.

  • Is everything up to date? From staff lists to term dates and application deadlines, check that nothing still refers to previous application cycles or academic years.

Remember that these pointers can be applied across your social media and all your other digital assets.

At every touchpoint, take the opportunity to show families why your school is the best possible choice for their child.

Emily Richards, Founder & Director, The Stickman Consultancy

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