Do your teaching staff need support on students’ mental health?


ISBL are pleased to support the promotion of this free webinar and resources that have been made available by our approved  partner Lloyds Bank.


The programme is called Bloom and is delivered by their charity partner Mental Health UK thanks to the fundraising efforts of Lloyds Banking Group colleagues. Bloom equips young people aged 14 to 18 with the tools and knowledge to build their resilience, so they can better maintain their mental health through life’s transitions.


About the session

The transition back to school or college will have been challenging for young people, and they may be experiencing heightened levels of fear and anxiety. They need to be reassured and supported as they continue to come to terms with the amount of uncertainty and change they have experienced over the last year.

As school leaders you may also be concerned about the school or college environment you have returned to; and there are uncertainties for you also. Supporting young people will involve using many of the day-to-day skills you already use to provide emotional and academic support. It is important during this time that your own wellbeing is also looked after, and you are given the necessary tools and resources to create a supportive environment for yourself, your colleagues and young people. 

We want to support you, so on Wednesday 12th May, we are holding a live webinar to introduce you to a free mental health resilience training programme that you can use in your classroom to support your students. 


During this webinar, you will hear from Enda Egan, Mental Health UK’s Head of Young People’s programmes, who will discuss Bloom in more detail and how it can be implemented in your school or college. Enda will also introduce some resilience building tools and provide some top tips for how to look after your mental wellbeing during these challenging times.


This webinar is particularly useful for teaching staff who:

  • Teach young people aged 14-18
  • Are concerned about the mental health and resilience of their students
  • Want to improve their knowledge and confidence around supporting students’ mental health 


To book your place please click here registration link

For the audio element of your event - Tel: 0800 279 4827 Passcode: 151011

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