VWV: Everyone's Invited & An Update on Pupil Safeguarding


ISBL are pleased to share this update from VWV, an ISBL Approved Partner, in relation to pupil safeguarding.


Following the publication of thousands (14,268 on 8 April) of testimonies of sexual harassment and violence on Everyone's Invited has brought safeguarding in schools into sharp focus.

The traction that this movement has gained suggests that, despite the best efforts of educationalists and a developed regulatory framework for safeguarding in English schools, something is not working.

Schools do not operate in a vacuum and they cannot be the panacea or solution to society's complex gender issues and their causes, but teachers and leaders have always recognised that they have an important pastoral, as well as academic, role to play for pupils in their care.

In this article, we summarise recent developments and recommend action as a consequence. We have also included specific briefings about Everyone's Invited, equality and inclusion and mental health in schools ahead of the summer term. Reference to 'schools' includes academies and free schools, maintained schools, non-maintained special schools, alternative provision and pupil referral units. 

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