GLS Educational Supplies: the secret weapon of savvy SBMS nationwide! 










It’s a scene experienced in schools up and down the country. You’ve been working hard all day and you’ve finally caught up on your to-do list. You think you’ll finally get to enjoy that coffee you didn’t get time for on lunch. 
And then a last-minute email marked 'urgent' lands in your inbox! 
You open the email and there it is, a last-minute request for supplies…supplies you know you don’t have stashed in your secret cupboard of magic tricks and quick fixes. 
And with only ten minutes to spare until your next meeting, where do you turn to? 
The trusted supplier of every savvy SBM, GLS Educational Supplies! 
We understand the need for fast results and straightforward ordering, which is why we offer next day delivery and Smart Ordering; a service making placing your order faster than ever; with all supplies priced competitively and our own brand range 'Classmates' which rivals your tried and tested favourites. 
As friends of SBMs across the nation, we know these things happen and we know you need solutions; so either order online at or call our friendly telephone ordering team on 03451 203 213 to place your order and still have time for that coffee! 
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