Introducing the Schools’ Buying Club Regional Buying Hubs






The SBC Regional Buying Hubs are designed to support local procurement collaboration to save schools money and create greater efficiencies.  


We have listened to feedback direct from our clients and understand that schools and Trusts are looking for regional hands-on support and guidance before, during and after the procurement process to save precious time and money. Click here to find out more. 


Our Regional Buying Hubs focus on what you want from your procurement services: 

  • FastSave time and money securing new contracts in weeks not months, via our fully compliant direct award service 

  • DedicatedAllocating expert virtual procurement officers as part of your team, to execute your buying strategy 

  • FlexibleRunning mini competitions or full tenders with local and national suppliers, developing fit for purpose specifications 

  • ManagedDelivering contract management services, growth and efficiency planning, new school applications and build services 

  • ExtensiveOffering free advice and guidance across all areas of spend, and compliant solutions for whatever your school or Trust needs 

  • CommittedInvesting in social value to support your school, Trust and community, including your professional development 


To find out more about the SBC Regional Buying Hubs and how we can support your procurement needs visit or get in touch via   


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