Full school re-opening – risk assessments for pregnant staff





Individual risk assessments should be carried out in relation to pregnant staff across the board. 

The guidance suggests that as part of assessments, schools should consider adapting duties and/or facilitating home working to mitigate risks. However, implementing these specific measures is not essential and there is no default right for a pregnant member of staff to work at home subject to a robust risk assessment being in place which supports their attendance in the workplace. Clearly if the member of staff has received a shielding letter this would not be the case and they should stay at home.   

Employers should ensure the pregnant employee is able to adhere to any active national guidance on social distancing in particular. Schools will note in particular that the guidance separately acknowledges that younger children and/or those with complex needs will not be able to maintain social distancing. As such, schools will need to consider in detail, as part of their risk assessments, whether it would be feasible or appropriate for a pregnant member of staff to be engaged in a part of the school where social distancing is not possible or expected.  

The latest position is contained in the Department for Education’s document Schools coronavirus (COVID-19) operational guidance and Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for pregnant employees. 



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