Maximising energy and carbon savings in school buildings





The stringent eligibility criteria for Phase 2 of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme resulted in many schools missing out on funding. However, future rounds are likely and updates will be provided via the Zenergi website so you can be fully prepared to take advantage.

Nevertheless, before any large investment such as boiler replacements or double glazing installations, you can consider more affordable solutions with a quicker return on investment.

Our technical division, Briar, undertake regular energy audits and surveys at school buildings, identifying energy saving opportunities such as:


Upgrading fluorescent lighting to modern LED technology can offer savings of between 40% and 50%, with a typical payback period of eight years.

Building Management Systems Optimisation

Building Management Systems can help to ensure that heating time matches building occupancy, as well as offering the opportunity to optimise hot water and ventilation too.

Behavioural change

Annual energy awareness training to improve staff knowledge can significantly reduce costs. Often simple behavioural changes can provide energy savings of as much as 20%.

For additional tips to avoid common energy wastage in school buildings, listen to our podcast.

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