Save money with 100% renewable energy contracts from Powerful Allies



The term ‘Renewable Energy’ relates to those energies which are seen as free of or low in carbon and which are not depleted through their repeated use. Cleaner and generally more sustainable than fossil or nuclear fuels, they are both the most ancient and modern energy sources available. They are principally derived from direct Solar Radiation to provide Solar Power and Heating, and Indirect Solar Radiation to produce Bioenergy (photosynthesis), Water and Wind power.

You may be surprised to know that in recent times, Renewable energy supplied 40% of all Electricity consumed in the United Kingdom, representing a 15.8% increase on October 2017 (IEA, 2018). And the increased generation from renewables has contributed significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions associated with electricity, falling by 43% between 2008 and 2018.

So, switching to 100% Renewable source electricity today not only contributes to cleaner, safer air quality, but with Powerful Allies you can save money too. Because Powerful Allies has negotiated exclusive contracts with all major suppliers to provide ISBL members with 100% Guaranteed Renewable Source Electricity at Zero added cost. This an industry first. All Powerful Allies competitive tenders feature solely 100% Renewable energy, guaranteeing Best Value and truly low emissions.

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