Free Cyber Security Awareness Training for School Staff





Cyber Security and the threat of ransomware is becoming an increasing concern for schools following an increase in targeted attacks on school systems and data. The government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has recently produced free cyber security training resources to raise awareness and help school staff manage some of the key cyber threats facing schools.


As part of our Scomis Summer Term 2021 Virtual Events we will be running a Cyber Security Briefing at 10:00AM on the 17th June, with the aim of giving non-technical education professionals an understanding of ways in which the education sector is being targeted by criminals; outlining steps that schools should follow to mitigate risk, ways in which schools can improve their cyber security resilience, and solutions to assist with recovery from an attack.


The expanded use of digital platforms and increased access to sensitive data from outside school premises (together with a tightening of the regulatory framework around data protection) means that schools should urgently review their existing defences and take necessary steps to mitigate themselves from reputational damage due to the increasing threat of cyber-attacks.


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