DfE Schools Commercial Team: New webinars and further updates June 2021


Join these DfE webinars and find out how using our approved frameworks could help your school get value for money

The DfE Schools Commercial Team is holding a series of webinars with suppliers throughout June. The webinars provide useful information and guidance on the DfE approved frameworks and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

All the webinars are free to join and there are a number of dates available via each Eventbrite link:

  • Education Mutual Staff Absence: This specialist, DfE approved service is designed to provide an alternative to commercial staff absence providers. Register via Eventbrite


  • YPO Energy: This online session will outline the benefits and how to access this framework for purchasing energy. Register via Eventbrite


  • Staff Absence: Provided by Crescent Purchasing Consortium and Schools Advisory Service this online session will outline the benefits and how to access this framework. Register via Eventbrite


  • Agency Supply: Provided by CCS join this virtual session to understand how your school can benefit from and access this approved agreement to help with organising supply teachers and agency staff. Register via Eventbrite



RPA Members: Regulatory Mock Trial

The Department for Education, in conjunction with Willis Towers Watson, has developed a bespoke training seminar: ‘The Regulatory Mock Trial’. 


Who should attend?

This workshop has been designed to assist governors, trustees, directors and members of Senior Leadership Teams to understand the challenges they face in implementing compliant health and safety management systems, enhance the prospects of avoiding enforcement action and improve the school’s defensive capabilities where a prosecution is pursued.


Webinar dates: (click on the link to register)


Benefits of attending

Schools are complex organisations which face a wide and diverse range of daily challenges that can negatively impact on the safety of staff, students and site visitors alike.


Attendees will be educated as to what is likely to constitute a breach of the duty, the factors that could influence the commencement of a prosecution and, through observing the trial process, will gain experience and knowledge. The attached link provides an excerpt from a mock trial.



RPA Members: Crisis Management Overview webinar

Willis Towers Watson is providing risk management support for all RPA members through audit, guidance and advice.  As part of the risk management support RPA members are invited to a workshop covering:

  • what crisis management is,
  • the ways in which a crisis can impact your organisation; and
  • how to respond during a crisis event


The workshop will include a case study and there will be an opportunity for delegates to ask questions which will be answered after the workshop has finished.  


Who should attend?

This workshop will be useful for those with:

  • line management responsibilities for the management of people and property
  • any staff member who completes crisis management plans for the organisation
  • risk management responsibilities


Webinar dates: (click on the link to register)


Benefits of attending

  • Learn how to identify a developing crisis and how to mitigate the impacts
  • Understand what constitutes the decision-making team
  • Capture the reasons why crisis exercising is important
  • Learn how debriefing is an essential part of the crisis management process



New DfE approved frameworks

Schools want to get the best value when purchasing goods and services and two new frameworks have been added to GOV.UK Find a Framework.

  • Transport Service framework; and
  • HR including payroll services framework.

DfE approved frameworks, guidance and services are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure schools have access to the best value, for details check out GOV.UK Buying for schools.

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