TogetherZero; Group Buying of Renewable Energy for a sustainable future




As an Approved Energy Partner for ISBL, Powerful Allies is proud and delighted to launch a revolutionary new energy buying service called TogetherZero which allows MATS, Academies and Schools of all sizes to benefit from the economies of Group Energy Buying whilst delivering electricity contracts from 100% Renewable sources at Zero added cost 

With hitherto unseen levels of transparency and clarity, TogetherZero guarantees Best Value through full and open competitive tender, fixed price contracts to provide cost certainty and free consumptioncost and carbon reporting to enable schools to identify and reduce waste. 

When compared to existing Local Authority Procurement Baskets, TogetherZero sets entirely new standards reflecting the need for demonstrable low prices whilst reducing carbon emissions. A unique solution for a sustainable future. 

And in addition to delivering Best Value energy contracts, TogetherZero provides free budget calculations, onsite energy audits, carbon reduction strategies to achieve NetZero plus affordable DEC Certification, ESOS and SECR compliance. 

With over 170 MATs and Academies as clients, Powerful Allies represents the future for energy cost and carbon emission reduction. 

For details of all services for MATs, Academies and Schools, please see our website, or contact Charles Barker on charliebarker@powerfulallies.comphone number 01380 860196 

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