How the work from home revolution could boost school finances





A knock-on effect of the pandemic has been the changes to working and living habits. Greater numbers of people spending time nearer to home – and able to make use of facilities nearby more often – may prove to be a potential boom for schools, embedded as they are within their local community.  Schools with space to hire to local businesses and communities can make the most of these changing work and lifestyle habits which could result in increases to much-needed revenue. 

Whether you’re already running a school lettings programme and could do with a helping hand to streamline your administration or if you’re yet to discover an efficient way to manage your lettings, Kajima Community can help.   

Our solutions help schools to not only reduce the amount of time spent administering lettings but will promote your facilities to potential hirers and in-turn, boost your lettings revenue.  Our services are guaranteed to deliver efficiencies on your current system and increase your income. 

Kajima Community, approaching 20 years of experience in the school lettings business, currently partners with over 300 schools across the country and offers a software product, and a service, to help schools connect with the community. 

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