The importance of play for pupils' mental health 


It is well documented that mental health initiatives in schools can significantly improve children’s social and emotional skills as well as their mental health, with noticeable reductions in classroom misbehaviour, anxiety, depression and bullying. Evidence also suggests that focusing on the wellbeing of pupils improves academic output.  

An important part of these initiatives is physical activities, both as part of curriculum PE lessons and also through play at break and lunchtimes. Play has the advantage of not only providing exercise, but also enhancing social and emotional skills helping build resilience and leading to positive mental health. 


At Playtime by Fawns we have over thirty years’ experience in creating exciting playscapes for educational settings. Working with key stakeholders to understand the specific needs of the setting, we create design concepts that maximise the return on investments while fully utilising the space available. From open-ended climbing structures, challenging trim trails to fully functioning all weather Multi Use Games Areas, Fawns can provide low-maintenance solutions from the acknowledged educational market leader.    



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