ISDN switch-off and what it means to education 






Plans announced by Openreach to upgrade the entire UK digital network to fibre before 2025 means that schools and colleges using ISDN services will need to make significant changes. 

June saw the first major impact of the upgrade with over 100 exchanges across the UK stopping to sell ISDN, Analogue or ADSL Broadband services and restrictions on adding new channels and services to existing connections 

What happens if I have one of these services? 

Once a ‘Stop Sell’ date is announced organisations connected to those exchanges will no longer be able to purchase new ISDN, Analogue or ADSL Broadband services and will need to adopt new technologies, such as SIP/hosted telephony and Fibre broadband, driving organisations to upgrade. 

Alongside a Stop Sell date is a ‘Withdraw’ date.  This is the date the services will stop working, giving users approximately 12-18 months to adopt the new technologies. 

At Southern Communications we are in constant communication with Openreach, receiving regular updates, as dates are announced.  Check if dates have been announced for your area using our stop sell checker  

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