Enhance your school's cyber security with 40% off!




Enhance your school's cyber security with 40% off!

Issues surrounding cyber-attacks within education is a hot topic, seeing hackers directly targeting schools. This means that the need for educational organisations to protect their networks and prevent ransomware attacks is essential. With breaches directly effecting the school’s ability to function, its reputation and its legal obligations to keep personal data safe.  

At Telephone Europe, we can ensure that your cyber security is effective and identify any exposures within your systems with a comprehensive cyber security audit and dark web report.  

Cyber Security Report –This report will analyse your schools full infrastructure and identify any vulnerabilities or information at risk of exposure. From here, we will advise the next steps to take.  

Dark Web Report  This report will analyse your system and identify any of your emails, passwords and information that has been leaked and is available for hackers to access, from here we can advise the steps your school should take. 


For ISBL members, the Cyber Security report will be at a discounted rate of £150, and an additional £50 for the Dark Web report. 

For further information click here and get in touch via email or call us on 0800 652 1900.  

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