As the weather changes from autumn to winter, there is opportunity for issues to arise within the external fabric of a building, including the roof, therefore understanding its condition will help manage planned proactive maintenance to ensure longevity and cost-certainty.


It’s important to note that a roof may look functional, however, issues could be lying dormant which, if left, could cause irreversible damage to not only the roof, but the wider structure.

This time of year, falling leaves have the potential to block drainage outlets, over time this could lead to water backing up into the roofing system and saturating the insulation, for example. The building’s waterproofing can mask this problem leaving schools unaware that there is potentially, several hundred litres of water within the roof. 


As part of your Estate Management Plan and as issued in the GEMS guidance by the DFE, one of the critical factors is data, which a full technical roof condition survey can impart.


At Langley we provide a free, no-obligation service that can survey your school’s flat roof estate either to confirm that no works are needed, or conversely identify any areas of concern which could potentially impact the children’s learning environment.


The survey will carry out a core sample and can also include moisture readings and thermographic surveys to reveal any cold spots for signs of water ingress.


A roof condition survey will highlight issues early to avoid expensive and unexpected works and predict lifespans for which budget can be planned. This provides schools with cost certainty when managing and maintaining their roof.


To benefit from and book a Langley roof condition survey, call Cassey Smith; Business Development Co-Ordinator on 01327 704778 or email


Or, for more information on Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd’s Pro-Active Flat Roof Asset Management Services for Schools, download the guide here


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