Free dark web compromise reports for your school throughout October




As technology evolves and usage increasesschools have become a top hacker target. Seeing breaches reducing a school's ability to function, compromising its reputation and its legal obligations to keep personal data safe. It is the responsibility of senior leaders to actively monitor cyber security issues, protect sensitive data and manage the risks. 


With October being Cyber Security Awareness Month and the risk of Cyber Security attacks becoming more prevalent within the education sector, we have decided to give 4 schools an opportunity to look closely at their current infrastructure and the data they have at risk, free of charge 


We will therefore be awarding 4 schools a free dark web compromise audit throughout October. Our first winner has already been announced and the remaining 3 will be announced each consecutive Friday throughout October, on the 15th, 22nd and 29th. Enter here.  


This report will analyse your schools infrastructure and identify any of your emails, passwords and general information that have been leaked and are available for hackers to access through the internet (find out more here). In turn, this will allow you to put a plan together and take steps in tightening your schools cyber security. Apply today!   


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