If not already, your MAT or Academy WILL be hit by huge energy cost increases…




Dependent upon the timing and duration of school energy contracts, many Business Managers may not yet have been exposed to the dramatic increases in energy pricing over the past months. But these market increases will inevitably feed into your future energy costs, and it is essential to protect yourself by taking strategic decisions when it comes to the timing of any new contracts. 

Do not be tempted to gamble, simply waiting for a market to fall. Right now, we are being contacted daily by MATs and Academies where “let’s wait and see” has prevailed, and the cost increase they now face is in some cases ruinous.  

And sadly, wherever there is a threat of increased costs we also see unprecedented levels of energy contract mis-selling by suppliers and brokers promising incredible savings where none exist. If an offer seems too good to be true, you can be assured it is.  

Powerful Allies works with schools to develop forward looking strategies for energy procurement and emission reduction. As an Approved Energy Partner for ISBL, we are proud to be trusted by over 400 MATs, Academies, and Independent Schools, so please let us help you too. 

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