Welcome in the new year with a boost to your lettings!



Follow these 3 simple steps and our team of lettings experts will have you ready in time to start benefiting from our tried and tested solutions in 2022! 


Step 1 – arrange a discovery call with one of our team – we’ll take up to 30 minutes of your time to understand your school, your lettings and your current challenges before recommending which of our services will best suit your needs.   


Step 2 – select your solution - once you’ve decided which of our solutions to implement, our customer services team will complete your set up for you which includes the creation of your community website to showcase your facilities for hire, ensuring it appears in search engines and starts generating new enquiries for you. 


Step 3 – get ready to ‘go live’ - if you’ve opted for our BookingsPlus software (link to our customer services team will train you and members of your lettings team ensuring you are ready to commence.  If you’ve chosen our BookingsGuru service (link to, our team will visit your site to familiarise themselves with your facilities and to meet your lettings team, ensuring future operations and communications run smoothly. 


You’re now ready to start benefitting from our tried and tested lettings solutions – find out more about our solutions 

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