Helping you to be strategic with your SCA funding






Now that we’re back after the Christmas break, it’s time to start planning how to spend your SCA funding to improve your estates in the most efficient and impactful way in 2022.

Whether you are looking at simple repair/component replacement or block replacement, we can provide expert advice and tools to deliver your objectives. We draw upon knowledge and experience across the education sector, delivering new build, refurbishment, and expansion projects for a range of school, academy and MAT clients.

Understanding the condition and priorities for your estate is critical. We will work with you to develop a detailed understanding of your estate, using simple, straightforward tools such as condition surveys and net capacity studies. By utilising expertise across our disciplines, including reviewing your energy consumption and DEC ratings, we can work with you to develop a strategic plan including the options available for improving your estate.

We also have vast experience of delivering projects in the education sector, providing expert advice and knowledge at all stages of project delivery, whilst ensuring improvements are made without compromising the teaching and learning environment.

Read our online brochure here or contact Rob Tyler ( to find out how we can help you.

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