STEP Academy Trust improves career development opportunities for all staff 





"It really helps us to understand our people but, more importantly, empower them to develop their own career pathway as well." 

STEP Academy Trust is committed to building unity and a common purpose across all of its 18 primary schools around London and South-East England. By sharing good practice between teachers, teams and schools, they have established a consistent approach that maintains the focus on improving the life chances of every child. 

All 900 staff use BlueSky to record their professional development activity and learning goals against the Trust's priorities and bespoke career pathway framework in the platform. Besides increasing efficiency, BlueSky also helps the Trust to ensure equity in terms of access to career progression and development opportunities, makes talent-spotting easier, and ensures the roles and responsibilities of each individual are aligned with the Trust's mission, vision and values. 

"Whether someone is an early career teacher or has just joined the catering team, we want to get a sense of what their skillset is, where they should be heading next, and what support needs to be put in place" says Jennese Alozie, Director of Effectiveness and Performance for the Trust. 

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