Primary Schools: 3 Things You Can Do Before 15 January To Boost Applications



As the application deadline for primary school places fast approaches, a cursory glance online reveals no shortage of reminders to parents to get their applications done and submitted. But there is remarkably little advice out there for schools themselves about helping parents make good choices for their children.


Remember that your school – even if your local authority handles the application process – CAN influence or even change the minds of families still considering their options. Here are three simple, speedy things you can do to provide information about why your school is the right choice.


  1. Re-visit ALL your enquiries: Parents who have already made contact with your school about September 2022 entry are worth their weight in gold. Re-engage with them - do they have all the information they need? Do they need help completing the application form? If they haven’t yet managed to visit in person or have a chat with the Head, make arrangements.
  2. Ensure your Headteacher is visible: A phone and a tripod (or even a pile of books and some sticky tack) is all you need to create a short video of your warm and welcoming Head reminding prospective families about everything your school offers. Just one minute is enough, and end with a clear call to action, for example to arrange a personal call with the Head. Share the video everywhere – your website, social media, insert into email communications, your newsletter and so on. Ask current parents to share with friends and family looking for a school place.
  3. Spread the word – ask happy parents (and pupils) to capture mini ‘soundbite’ videos about what they love about your school. Sprinkle these 10-second clips across all your communication channels.


Make the most of this period before the application deadline – it could make all the difference.


Emily Richards

Founder & Director, The Stickman Consultancy


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