Analyse school performance (ASP) update


At the end of October 2017/first week in November, we are planning to release an updated and improved version of ASP which will include KS1 and Phonics data for 2017.

KS2 Children Looked After data, including disadvantaged breakdowns, not previously available will also be added to the service.  Access to ASP is via Secure Access; help with logging in is available here.

Coming next:  provisional KS4 data will be added to ASP towards the end of November.

Note for Academies

  • Schools converting to an academy after January 2017, can access QLA data for 2016/17 through their old URN .
  • Schools converting to an academy before January 2017, can access QLA data 2016/17 through their new URN.
  • Currently EYFS data can be viewed using both the old and new school URN.
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