School Buying Hub


Do you want access to better deals?

Do you want buying to be easier?

Do you want access to help and advice?

If yes, you can help to shape the future of school buying through a new service - the School Buying Hubs.

The School Buying Hubs service is being piloted in the North West and South West regions and will run for one year from February 2018. There are a limited number of places on the pilot, 900 schools in each region initially.  We are looking for a cross section of schools to take part and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis for each category of school. 

The Hubs are designed to support all schools in their area and will offer the following key services:

• advice and guidance – to reduce spend across all categories;

• support with complex contracts – providing guidance on the process and tender requirements, particularly services such as catering, cleaning and premises;

• promotion of local collaboration and aggregation – to reduce prices and therefore the amount spent on areas such as learning resources, ICT learning resources and administrative supplies.

If you want to be part of this opportunity to shape the project and influence the outcome, then you can find more details here.

You can also contact the new Schools Commercial Team who will be more than happy to discuss the project. –

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