The truth behind the Gender Pay Gap

What do you estimate is the average difference between men and women's pay in the UK?

a. Less than 5%

b. 5 to 10%

c. 10 to 15%

d. 15 to 20%

e. 20 to 25%


Alarmingly 19.2% is the difference in gender pay and globally the suggestion is that it will take a staggering 170 years to close this gap!


So what are the gender pay gap regulations?


a. Equality Act 2010 (specific duties and public authorities) regulations 2017

b. Public sector employers listed in Schedule 2 with over 250 employees

c. Six key reports to display gender gap findings

d. 31st March used as the snapshot date, not 5th April as in the private sector

e. Published data by 30th March and there after annually

f. Separate private sector regulations



So do you have more than 250 staff is the first determining factor for compliance and reporting?  If you are a Multi Academy Trust then this will be the MAT and not each individual school.


If you answer yes then you will be required to undertake the data collection and reporting process, however I would suggest that it may be a useful exercise to undertake even if you have less than 250 employees.  Within my school we will undertake this as a benchmarking exercise as a way of supporting or strengthening our current pay policy


The reports that must be produced are;

  1. average gender pay gap as a mean average
  2. average gender pay gap as a median average
  3. average bonus gender pay gap as a mean average
  4. average bonus gender pay gap as a median average
  5. proportion of males receiving a bonus payment and proportion of females receiving a bonus payment
  6. proportion of males and females when divided into four groups ordered from lowest to highest pay.

There are specific methods of calculating Gross Hourly Pay in order to undertake the above calculations.


To ensure that you do this correctly please visit the guidance on the ACAS website.

The information collated must then be reported to the National Office of Statistics and displayed on your website.

Another time consuming task for all those large Multi Academy Trusts out there.  Happy Calculating.

By Sheryl Cardwell - June 2017