Professional Development

Self-assessment toolkit

ISBL have partnered with Best Practice Network to develop a self-assessment toolkit, which we are delighted to offer our members via an online tool which will enable all School Business Leaders to easily plot their skills and experience, and so plan their career development. 

We have developed this platform in response to requests from School Business Leaders to be able to review themselves in line with the ISBL Professional Standards. 


Supporting Professional Development

ISBL will support the development of our Members and Fellows by encouraging the development, maintenance and enhancement of skills throughout their careers. This self-assessment toolkit will assist the School Business Leadership community by allowing you to: 

Obtain a clear evaluation against each of the key disciplines in the Professional Standards

Review where they are in relation to the ‘sections’ and ‘tiers’

Receive a graphical image of their present career situation  

Use this image and detailed review for performance and salary reviews

Enable them to talk with senior leaders about their training requirements

Plan their CPD, with evidence to back their requests.


What is the tool for?

With increased levels of scrutiny and more direct accountability, this will help you to demonstrate your competency, professionalism and expertise as school business leaders.

The Professional Standards look at all the responsibilities and accountabilities, so the tool helps members to review their role in detail. You can then consider what you have already achieved or need to achieve, to support your career ambitions and ensure financial and operational effectiveness.

Who is this for?

 It is suitable for anyone from an administrator to an executive role.

When should I do this?

The tool is available now for all members. This self-review offers you the first step on your CPD journey.

To request access and password to use the tool please contact