Local Groups

Local and regional groups are developed and run by a committee of school business professionals. They offer peer to peer support for school business professionals from within the local area. These groups are essential in assisting the status, supply and development of the profession through the sharing of sector knowledge and creation of good practice. ISBL would strongly recommend that all school business professional join and attend a local SBP group as part of their CPD and to allow for local networking.


ISBL have affiliation agreements with the local and regional groups listed on this page and we work together to ensure dissemination of professional development opportunities, best practice and national policy updates through our relationship with the chairs of the groups. ISBL offer all affiliated group members a discount off their ISBL membership. Contact either your local group chair for details or email: membership@isbl.org.uk


If you are the chair of a local group and your group is not affiliated to ISBL and you would like further details then please email us at membership for more information. If there is not a local group listed in your area then please consult the DfE SBP network list that shows all available groups.


Affiliated groups