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As part of our Advice Centre service, NASBM offers a free 30-minute initial advice session where you can obtain information and assistance by email and/or telephone from a NASBM Associate Practitioner.

All NASBM Associate Practitioners are highly qualified and experienced SBM professionals who work in a range of different school settings. They can draw on their individual and collective professional experience to provide you with appropriate information and advice across a broad range of issues affecting the day-to-day work of SBM professionals. They can also refer queries to our range of Approved Partners, including The Key, an online support service for schools. 


Who we help

We welcome all enquiries from NASBM members and non-members. If we are unable to help you, we will try to direct you to a suitable source of information and advice. We reserve the right not to give advice in any particular circumstance. 


How to book an advice session 

Step 1

If you have a query, please complete our request form (at the foot of this page) or telephone 02476 231221 to book an advice session.

Step 2

We will review your request to ensure that we can help you and will then refer the request to the appropriate Associate Practitioner. This will usually be the Associate Practitioner for your region. You will then receive an email acknowledgement that we are dealing with your request.

Step 3

You should receive a response from the Associate Practitioner within 48 hours (excluding weekends) of receiving the acknowledgement that we have referred your request. This response might be by email or the Associate Practitioner might contact you to arrange a telephone conversation.

Step 4

If, following your initial advice session, you wish to request additional support from NASBM or the Associate Practitioner, please email or telephone 02476 231221 to discuss your requirements. 


Legal and financial advice 

Our Associate Practitioners will not provide legal or financial advice on specific issues. However, NASBM members can access free initial legal advice, and discounts on other services, from specialist education lawyers Stone King LLP, a NASBM Approved Partner. 

For further details, please email



NASBM staff and Associate Practitioners take all reasonable steps to ensure that any information related to a request for advice or information remains confidential to NASBM. Our Confidentiality Policy is available here



If you wish to register a complaint about the service provided by the Advice Centre, please refer to our complaints procedure here.


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