Human resources

ISBL has clearly defined the human resources discipline within ISBL Professional Standards.

This is articulated as follows, describing human resources management in particular:

'ensuring regulatory and legal compliance and managing, supporting and developing staff to ensure delivery of the school/trust's strategic priorities in line with the vision and School Development Plan (SDP).' NASBM Professional Standards (2015).

As described, school business professionals are responsible for the wide range of HR procedures and services within their school or trust, including staff recruitment processes, staff development, performance management and CPD, and ensuring regulatory and legal compliance.


Aim of this page

In light of the various demands on school business professionals to provide a range of support and services in their schools or trusts, this page provides three individual factsheets developed by NASBM (now produced by ISBL) and VWV under the three functional areas described within the ISBL Professional Standards, as follows:


School/trust staff structure and workforce planning: managing the workforce factsheet

Performance management and CPD: conducting an effective appraisal factsheet

Human resource management: managing conflict factsheet


If you have any suggestions for further HR resources, contact with your ideas.


Related resources

ISBL develops and houses various web-based factsheets and guides for the benefit of members and the wider sector. Those relating to HR are presented below for ease of reference.

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