Prevent and Reduce Staff Absence with Schools Advisory Service


Staff are what keep a school running smoothly, so anything that can be done to support their health and wellbeing is always a benefit to the school and ultimately the pupils. With a Schools Advisory Service (SAS) absence insurance policy all insured staff have access to our doctor-led Wellbeing and Medical services. These services are designed to prevent and reduce absences by providing support for some of the most common concerns.

The most used services are Physiotherapy and Counselling, but staff also have access to; Weight Management, Menopause Support, Mindfulness as well as medical services such as Cancer and Chronic Illness Support and Private Operations.

The services for staff are accessible directly through an app, phoneline or email address which all come straight through to our team of qualified nurses. All services are completely confidential and organised directly between the nurses and the staff member – often with treatment in place within a couple of days.

In addition to the service for individual staff members, there are whole school services available such as the Health Screening Days and Stress Awareness Sessions – an excellent way to share the importance of Wellbeing with your staff and to show them that they are valued.

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