Be Resolute, and Print Clever in School In 2019


RISO, the print solutions provider that schools trust, are urging school business managers to make it a resolution to review their printing in 2019.

As many SBMs know, print is still a major part of day-to-day school life, with newsletters, booklets and displays among the millions of items being printed each year.

But while some schools are seeing ever-rising costs and wasted paper, schools that use RISO cutsheet inkjet printers are finding they can print more - often using more colour - and are actually reducing their costs.

Jenni Dawson Jennings, one of RISO’s education specialists said: “Schools tell us that they want to be printing more but can’t because of costs, particularly when it comes to colour. It’s budgets that occupy the minds of school business managers.

“This is where RISO’s cutsheet inkjet printers come in. They’re ultra-fast, offer low cost printing, especially in colour, and are, quite simply, ideal for school settings.

“They’re reliable and efficient, and compact too. They’re often described as the workhorse that gets on with printing allowing teachers and SBMs get on with their jobs.”

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