Could you be saving time and money on assessment packages?



Did you know…. You most probably ALREADY have an assessment system within SIMS, is it time to review whether your school is using it effectively?

Many schools are using spreadsheets or paying annual subscriptions for alternative systems to track and record assessment.  Why continue to do so if you could be using SIMS assessment (particularly if you are already paying for it)? 

Save Time

Staff will save hours by entering pupil information directly into SIMs and using the ready-made reports for specific cohorts, Pupil Premium, SEND, EAL, LAC and more.  This means that data is entered once in one place - no more uploading of data or trying to manipulate pupil information. Instead time can be invested in understanding where to improve performance and to create pupil interventions quickly.   What’s more, statutory Key Stage data can be analysed simply and efficiently making statutory reporting easy.

Are you using School Pupil Tracker Online (SPTO)?

If your school is using SPTO, you need to be aware that this is being withdrawn from the market at the end of 2019.  This means that you will need to review your approach anyway.


Save time and money and take a fresh look at SIMS

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