Staff Absence Insurance from Towergate – more than just an insurance policy!





We recognise the impact absence can have on schools, from the day-to-day inconvenience, to increasing insurance costs and ultimately, how it can affect the performance of your school.

Alongside the insurance protection you would expect from a long-standing provider, we include additional services to you as standard.

Staff Absence Insurance

Our staff absence insurance has been developed with an A+ global insurer to provide schools with an extensive policy to cover a wide-range of absence.

Towergate Health Assist

Counselling services


We believe we are the only insurance provider in the education sector to offer a superior counselling model comprising of up to 8 sessions per issue, per annum.

Medical information services


Access to Nursing and Midwifery Council registered nurses with a minimum 2 years’ post qualification experience.

Day One Stress Intervention

This unique service provides effective intervention on the very first day of stress related absence.

Legal information services


Providing access to legal professionals with both a law degree and having completed a Legal Practice Course (LPC)

HR management support

Critical incident advice


Online information and self-help tool

For further information please contact:


Simon Loughran

07483 930 439

Joanne Taylor

07483 930 515

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