Finding savings in your school with Phil Burton








Phil Burton is the School Business Manager at Hallbrook Primary School in Leicester; he tweets regularly from @RunningSBM. In his latest article for the GLS blog, he looks at three cost-saving ideas that will hopefully help to improve your workload and financial operation within your school or setting.


Phil says we all fall into the same trap, replacing like-for-like when someone resigns. Whilst in some cases this may be a definite requirement, there are plenty of opportunities to be more efficient. In the full blog, he explores those options.


We often hear that it is not worth looking at small contracts as the time taken outweighs the saving. However, Phil disagrees. He says we should always take time to compare the market when it comes to contracts, you would be amazed at how costs vary across the sector.


We clearly don’t want every job to be performed by robots, but there are opportunities to automate processes and re-invest the time saved. Several systems can help you to regain time which can be invested into other processes or people.

Read more detail in the full article by Phil Burton on the GLS blog.

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