how BookingsPlus can help maximise your lettings income


St Bernard’s Catholic School had leased its facilities to the community for a number of years, however the school operated a time-consuming pen and paper diary system and the invoicing process was cumbersome. The team realised that they needed a more cohesive and integrated lettings system, which could maximise income and streamline the process.  

Since implementing the system over two years ago, the school’s annual lettings revenue has increased from around £30k to £150k each year and hours spent by staff managing the booking process have been dramatically reduced. An additional benefit for the school has been the transparency of the system, which has ensured accurate and efficient invoicing for both users and the lettings team.

Angela Mellish, Bursar at St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School said: “BookingsPlus has been a huge asset to St Bernard’s for over two years. Before, we implemented BookingsPlus a single invoice would take substantial time to produce, however the process is fully automated and we have managed to increase our revenue fivefold. The system is simple to use and streamlines the process of letting our facilities to the community from the point of enquiry through to invoicing. I would highly recommend the system to any school or institution wishing to hire out their facilities for community use”.   

BookingsPlus is software produced by Kajima to help schools optimise the use of their facilities and generate additional revenue. Kajima provide lettings software and a range of lettings services designed to help market facilities available for hire, manage the lettings process through a centralised system and generate profits for schools.  

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