Guidance for schools on recruitment and planning for the future


The right succession and recruitment planning strategies can help ensure you get the best candidates for your current and future vacancies.

Succession planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying and developing potential future leaders or senior managers, as well as individuals to fill other school / Trust-critical positions, either in the short or long term. This process should be developed continuously throughout the school year to provide a pool of potential internal candidates, especially for more senior roles.

Recruitment processes

Employer brand – It is important that when you advertise a role that potential candidates get a feel for your culture and ethos. You should use your website to inform candidates about why they should come and work you and not another school.

Application and shortlisting – An up-to-date job description and person specification are essential. An efficient shortlisting process will then ensure you are interviewing the right people for your school.

Interview process – Planning the selection process is vital so that the interview panel can obtain the right information in order to select the right candidate. Setting tasks and activities will greatly assist your selection process.

Selecting the right candidate – It is important that references are checked and that the panel have all the information they require to make a decision. The panel should think about what they want as well as what they don’t want from a candidate.

After any new appointment starts the role, they should be given a thorough induction and support to help them settle.  

Oliver Daly

Senior HR Consultant

Stone King LLP

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