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The Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) believes that all roles within the school business profession, from Administrative Officer to Finance and Operations Director, should be supported by a set of professional standards. The standards set out here aim to establish a clear blueprint for effective school and academy business leaders and they celebrate existing best practice. The standards framework sets out the six main disciplines of school business leadership, along with six principal behaviours required to be effective in the school business profession.

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ISBL Professional Standards

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How to use?

These standards can be used to inform the performance management of school business professionals. However, they are non-mandatory and due to the variety of SBP roles in each setting, do not establish a baseline of expected performance. They therefore should not be used as a checklist or as a baseline, and any shortcoming with respect to the standards is not a basis for questioning competence or initiating capability.

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Ethics and Behaviours

This section contains the ISBL Code of Ethics and describes the essential personal behaviours that a school business professional needs to demonstrate in order to undertake their role.

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The standards are tiered in a way that reflects the level of contribution that practitioners are making towards discrete professional disciplines and leadership responsibilities. The tiers describe expected levels of professional practice; from those at entry level, making a contribution to a process or a function, through to those with senior strategic leadership responsibility in complex schools/trusts or across several schools/settings.

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