End Point Assessment for the Level 4 School Business Professional Apprenticeship (ST0575)


We are pleased to be able to provide end point assessment for the Level 4 School Business Professional Apprenticeship (ST0575).


What is end-point assessment? 

The purpose of end-point assessment (EPA) is to prove an apprentice's ability to do the job they have been training for and is the final stage before they receive their apprenticeship certificate. It assesses their knowledge and practical capabilities and helps to demonstrate how the apprentice's learning can be applied in real-world situations. 

EPA is separate to any qualifications or other assessment that the apprentice may undertake during the on-programme stage of their apprenticeship. 

At the end of their apprenticeship, the apprentice will go through a ‘gateway’ process where their employer and training provider will sign them off as ready for EPA. 


The School Business Professional Apprenticeship (SBPA) 

The standard for the School Business Professional apprenticeship sets out the knowledge, skills, and behaviours (KSBs) that apprentices must demonstrate to achieve competency in the apprenticeship. The standard is accompanied by an assessment plan, which sets out how the KSBs should be assessed as part of the EPA. The standard and the assessment plan were developed by a group of employers. The duration for this apprenticeship programme, including the EPA is typically 18 to 24 months.

Full details of both the standard and assessment plan for the School Business Professional Apprenticeship can be found on the Institute for Apprenticeships &Technical Education website.


Why choose us as your EPAO? 

ISBL is the UK’s only professional body representing all school business professionals and has been established and supporting the sector since 1997.   

As an institute, it is our responsibility to ensure that all our professional members, from entry through to executive level, can access robust training and qualifications, which are underpinned by our Professional Standards and are recognised by the sector. The SBPA has been developed to meet the requirements set out by ISBL’s professional standards, and we are therefore best placed to assess that professionals taking this development route meet the standard. 

Both ISBL membership and practitioners’ achievement of these qualifications provide evidence of the skills and competency of these professionals, giving assurance to employers that these professionals can fulfil their school business leadership and management role effectively. 


The SBPA specification

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What do we provide as an EPAO? 

  • We are the professional body for school business professionals and the SBPA has been mapped to the ISBL Professional Standards 
  • We were part of the trailblazer group that developed the SBPA standard – so you can be confident that we know how to assess them 
  • Our friendly service is focused on the needs of the learner, the training provider and employer 
  • All our assessors are experienced senior school business professionals and many of them are ISBL Fellows 



"The ISBL team were fantastic at setting up the End Point Assessment, they were happy to answer any questions I had on the lead up to my assessment. I felt reassured, that the assessor was a practicing School Business Manager, therefore has detailed knowledge of the sector."

Read more about Emma Jenkin's experience of the End Point Assessment with ISBL here.


How to contact us? 

For general enquiries email epa@isbl.org.uk

If you are a training provider or employer, click here to register your learners


EPAO policies 

To support you in understanding how we operate our end-point assessment service, here are our EPAO policies. All policies will be reviewed and updated as required.