Data Protection GDPR e-learning Modules




GDPR is still a relatively new concept - and Best Practice - is evolving and changing almost on a daily basis; especially under the current climate - of schools working remotely and operating virtual lessons etc.  For this reason, training very important to help your staff stay informed of what is expected and to help promote a pro-active GDPR culture in your school.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has confirmed that regular training is key to creating a GDPR culture within your school(s).

ISBL has partnered with Judicium to offer ISBL members an exclusive discount on Judicium’s GDPR e-learning modules. The e-learning modules are designed to cover all aspects, from a basic introduction to GDPR, to more in-depth training on Subject Access Request.

All of the modules are written by Judicium’s in-house team of Data Protection Experts who have correspondence with the ICO on a regular basis.  The modules are written using real-life examples of what the Data Protection Experts come across on a daily basis.

Best practice suggests that all staff complete:

  • Introduction to GDPR;
  • What is a Breach and;
  • Introduction to SARs and FoI.
  • All the modules are CPD Standards Office accredited and time stamped for due diligence purposes.


"We thought the e-learning modules were very user friendly and helped to raise the level of awareness throughout all staff across the whole school. The real life examples used in the training made it easy for all staff to understand and implement.”

Mary Cummins, School Business Manager, The Oaks Primary School


What modules are available?

The full list of the available GDPR e-learning modules is:

  1. Introduction to GDPR and Data Protection
  2. What is a Breach
  3. Introduction to SAR and FoI Requests
  4. Breach Notification
  5. DP Principles and Fair Processing Conditions
  6. DP in The Workplace: Social Media
  7. DP in The Workplace: Photos and Consent
  8. DP in The Workplace: Biometrics and Consent
  9. DP in The Workplace - CCTV and Monitoring
  10.  Data Protection Impact Assessment
  11.  Data Security
  12.  Third Parties and Data Sharing
  13.  Subject Access Requests (in depth)
  14.  Freedom of Information Requests
  15.  FoI: Publication of Information
  16.  Individual Right
  17.  GDPR Training for Governors


For more information about the GDPR e-learning modules click here.


Who is the training for?

This eLearning is designed for multiple school employees.  Meaning some modules are better suited to particular roles. You can find out more information by clicking below.




How many people can access the e-learning modules?

There is an unlimited number of users with unlimited access to the GDPR eLearning library– meaning you can add all your staff and Governors to complete these modules.


How is the training delivered?

The training is provided online. You can find out more information by clicking below.










What reporting and assurance will it give my school?

Reports can be generated to show who has / hasn’t completed the training. Successful participants can download their CPD certificate. A copy of the certificate is also stored on the system, for due diligence purposes.

In the event of a serious data breach / investigation, generally a better view may be taken of a school; if it’s GDPR training records are up to date and complete.


Why is it important to keep GDPR training up to date in a school?

It is important to keep GDPR training up to date in a school because schools are ‘data-rich’ environments e.g. learner records, safeguarding, online teaching, storing and recording medical data for both employees and learners. Schools hold and process more sensitive and confidential information than most organisations of a similar size.


How much does it cost?

  • Non member fee: £895 +VAT per year per school
  • ISBL members receive an exclusive discount. The reduced fee available to ISBL members is £595 +VAT pa per school.

One of the benefits of being an ISBL member is being able to access the member rates for training and conferences. If you are not a member, you can find out more about joining ISBL here.


How can I purchase the GDPR e-learning modules?

ISBL Members can access an exclusive discount for Judicium’s GDPR e-learning, by clicking on the link below. This will take you through to the website where you will be supplied with more information. You can either choose to log an enquiry online, or contact Judicium directly on 0845 459 2130. Simply supply them with you ISBL Member number and your discount will be applied accordingly.



Alternatively, please contact Georgina de Costa

  • Tel: 0739 9185 443
  • Email: