Data Protection GDPR e-learning Modules


GDPR is still a relatively new concept - and Best Practice - is evolving and changing almost on a daily basis; especially under the current climate - of schools working remotely and operating virtual lessons etc.  For this reason, training very important to help your staff stay informed of what is expected and to help promote a pro-active GDPR culture in your school.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has confirmed that regular training is key to creating a GDPR culture within your school(s).

ISBL has partnered with Judicium to offer ISBL members an exclusive discount on Judicium’s GDPR e-learning modules. The e-learning modules are designed to cover all aspects, from a basic introduction to GDPR, to more in-depth training on Subject Access Request.

All of the modules are written by Judicium’s in-house team of Data Protection Experts who have correspondence with the ICO on a regular basis.  The modules are written using real-life examples of what the Data Protection Experts come across on a daily basis.

Best practice suggests that all staff complete:

  • Introduction to GDPR;
  • What is a Breach and;
  • Introduction to SARs and FoI.
  • All the modules are CPD Standards Office accredited and time stamped for due diligence purposes.


Please see a full list of the available GDPR e-learning modules below:

  1. Introduction to GDPR and Data Protection
  2. What is a Breach
  3. Introduction to SAR and FoI Requests
  4. Breach Notification
  5. DP Principles and Fair Processing Conditions
  6. DP in The Workplace: Social Media
  7. DP in The Workplace: Photos and Consent
  8. DP in The Workplace: Biometrics and Consent
  9. DP in The Workplace - CCTV and Monitoring
  10.  Data Protection Impact Assessment
  11.  Data Security
  12.  Third Parties and Data Sharing
  13.  Subject Access Requests (in depth)
  14.  Freedom of Information Requests
  15.  FoI: Publication of Information
  16.  Individual Right
  17.  GDPR Training for Governors


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