How to understand and implement ICFP


ICFP stands for Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning. It helps a school use resources as effectively and efficiently as possible. It does so by systematically analysing all aspects of the educational provision within a school setting to ensure that financial management planning ensures an appropriate balance in the allocation and expenditure of resources


What will I learn?

The workshop will enable you to:

  • Refresh your understanding of the fundamentals of ICFP.
  • Know what the Balances Metrics and the 12 key metrics are that are used in the ISBL Approach to ICFP.
  • Understand how to calculate the data inputs correctly.
  • Understand how to calculate the metrics.
  • Understand how to use I-SOT, the ISBL School Optimisation Tool to input data.
  • Understand what the RAG rated metrics are showing you.
  • Know how to begin to diagnose any potential areas of concern in your school.
  • Know what next steps you can take, including conversations starters with the SLT.


How is it delivered?

This one day training is delivered face-to-face in locations around the country.


What is included?




I-SOT, the ISBL School Optimisation Tool is included in the price of this training. The training will briefly cover how to use the ISOT to help you generate the metrics.


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