ICFP Fundamentals Webinar 

ICFP stands for Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning. It helps a school use resources as effectively and efficiently as possible. It does so by systematically analysing all aspects of the educational provision within a school setting to ensure that financial management planning ensures an appropriate balance in the allocation and expenditure of resources.


What will I learn?

This ICFP fundamentals webinar will cover the following areas:

  • What is ICFP and its impact
  • How is ICFP used
  • Introduction to the ISBL Approach to ICFP
  • Introduction on how to accurately calculate the Balances Metrics and the 12 Key Metrics
  • Initial steps to interpreting these metrics
  • A brief overview of the ISBL School Optimisation Tools (ISOT)
  • Short Q&A session


How long is the webinar?

1 ½ hours


How is it delivered?

The webinar is delivered via our WebEx webinar platform. You will be sent joining instructions before the event. This is a classroom style webinar with a maximum of 20 participants. The key principles of ICFP will be delivered in sections, with the chance to ask questions and clarify the learning at the end of each section.


Who is the training for?

We recognise that the school business profession is made up of individuals from a range of backgrounds, school settings, personal knowledge and indeed exposure to ICFP, so this webinar is a short, easily digestible and suitable for ICFP beginners.

If you are new to ICFP and want to know more about the key principles and how it can be used, then this introductory webinar is for you.


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