Marketing – an introductory course for School Business Leaders

An exciting series of bite-sized webinars to help improve the success of your school



Is your school seeing fewer applications? Finding it hard to recruit new teachers? Struggling to increase income from the local community? Or finding communicating with parents more and more difficult?

These are all marketing challenges – our webinar series will start you on the path to being able to understand and solve them, as well as updating you on the legal duties every school has around external communication.

Each webinar will consist of 30 minutes of new ideas, plus 15 minutes of interactive Q&A with our experienced school marketing experts. 

You can purchase the whole series or individual webinars.


This six session webinar series looks at:

  • Session 1: Market Research and listening to stakeholders
  • Session 2: Creating a clear Vision, Brand and Messages
  • Session 3: Effective Communications (website, social media and more)
  • Session 4: The Essentials of Income Generation and how Marketing helps
  • Session 5: Creating a Marketing Plan and practical implementation steps
  • Session 6: Crisis and Media Management


What will I learn:

Participants will:


Who is this webinar series for?

  • School Business Leaders who are looking to develop marketing skills for the first time
  • Other administrative staff in schools who may have communication roles and would like to understand the principles behind marketing
  • Anyone working in a school who is curious about the marketing challenges facing schools

The course presenters will not expect participants to have any existing knowledge of marketing. The course will cover the marketing needs of primary, secondary and special schools.


What does each webinar cover?

1. Market Research

  • Who matters to my school – and why is this important?
  • How do I find out more about them?
  • How do I find out about changes in the wider world that affect my school?


2. Branding and Messaging

  • What is a brand?
  • The benefits of clear messages and consistent design – and how to achieve them
  • Finding and sharing stories


3. Communication Channels

  • Your website (and what it must contain by law)
  • Social media – a brief overview
  • Tips for open events and tours
  • Other ways of attracting people to your school


4. Income Generation

  • Where can you generate extra revenue from?
  • Maximising lettings and exploring crowdfunding and business sponsorship
  • Applying for external grants


5. Creating a Marketing Plan

  • Working from your school’s development needs
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • Creating a content plan to support marketing


6. Crisis and Media Management

  • Preparing for a crisis
  • Understanding the media
  • Writing a statement in response to a crisis


When is the next webinar series?

The dates for the next series are:

Session 1 – Market Research and listening to stakeholders Tuesday Jan 26th 
Session 2 – Creating a clear Vision, Brand and Messages  Tuesday Feb 2nd
Session 3 – Effective Communications (website, social media and more) Tuesday Feb 10th
Session 4 – The Essentials of Income Generation and how Marketing helps Tuesday Feb 23rd
Session 5 – Creating a Marketing Plan and practical implementation steps  Tuesday Mar 2nd
Session 6 – Crisis and Media Management Tuesday Mar 9th





How can I book my place?

To purchase either the whole webinar series or individual webinars, visit our Training Calendar to see when the next series starts.

Note: to purchase the whole series, you will need to do so via the 'Session 1: Market Research and listening to stakeholders' event tile.