Finance on-demand webinars


We’ve teamed up with Entrust to create four on-demand webinars.

These webinars are available to be purchased and watched on the Entrust website. ISBL members can access a discounted price for this training. 


What webinars are available?


Schools Financial Benchmarking

An introduction to benchmarking, looking at what it is, why it is useful, and how to benchmark effectively. We’ll also look at the various tools available to schools in order to help them benchmark.

During the webinar we will look at

  • Why do we use benchmarking?
  • We’ll take a look at the government’s benchmarking website and how to use it effectively
  • We’ll consider the Twelve Key Metrics identified by ISBL around which your school should be having financial discussions.
  • We’ll look at how best to interpret the data we’ve calculated
  • We’ll look at the effective use of data, with the help of Supporting Excellence in School Resource Management
  • And we’ll look at how to use the school efficiency metric tool


Effective and Accurate Budget Setting

A look at the purpose of budget setting, and an exploration of various budgeting techniques with the pros and cons of each. The webinar will also look at preparation, forecasting and monitoring, and hopefully will help you to confidently prepare your school’s budget. 

The aim of the webinar is to make sure that you have the knowledge to ensure that your budget is confidently prepared.

We’ll have a look at the purpose of budget setting as an introduction; then move on to different methods of setting budgets and the pros and cons of each, and finally have a look in detail at each of the four stages of the budget cycle, being preparation, forecasting, implementation and monitoring.


School Finance vs Academy Finance

This webinar is perfect for school personnel involved with, or considering, conversion to an academy. It looks at the financial implications of becoming an academy, concentrating on what are the differences between school finance and academy finance, and how workloads and procedures will change.

By the end of this webinar you should have a more detailed understanding of what is different and what remains the same regarding finances in maintained schools and academies, including the local authority responsibilities as well as the accounting, funding, regulatory, cultural and expenditure differences.

We will also look at how you will be financed when you first convert and the day to day differences.


You can also purchase:

Introduction to School Business Management

Written by an experienced school business manager, this webinar will be perfect for anyone new to the school business professional role. It will provide an insight into the key priorities and tasks of a school business professional and offer support that can be used throughout the career.

There are many aspects to the role of school business professional including compliance, administration, human resource management, finance, audit, governance, marketing / PR, health & safety, premises and contract management, and the webinar will introduce all of these and provide information, tips and advice.


How much does each webinar cost?

  • ISBL member rate: £35
  • Non member rate:£45

One of the benefits of being an ISBL member is being able to access the member rates for training and conferences. If you are not a member, you can find out more about joining ISBL here.

To access the discounted price for ISBL members, enter your ISBL Member number at point of purchase via the Entrust website.


How can I purchase one of these webinars?

Click to go to the Entrust website where you purchase and watch the on-demand webinars.