Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA)

Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA)

What does the apprenticeship cover?

The CMDA standard allows providers to offer a variety of undergraduate degrees as part of the apprenticeship. As a result, there is a wide variety of choice available.

There are two main types of CMDA that are suitable for SBPs:

  • Non-contextualised – providers often offer a more general business degree as part of this apprenticeship (e.g. BA (Hons) in Business Management). This route allows you to be part of a mixed cohort from across all business sectors, giving you a range of insights and learning, but you will have to ensure that you adapt and apply your learning to your own school context.
  • Contextualised – there are some providers who offer a degree programme that has been specifically designed for school business professionals and maps to the ISBL Professional Standards. You will achieve a degree that is contextualised for schools (e.g. BA (Hons) in School Business Management).

What will I learn?

The contextualised CMDA is underpinned by the ISBL professional disciplines and will help learners to develop job-specific skills that will benefit them and their school. Topics include HR, finance and procurement as well as risk management and marketing in schools. As you progress through the programme, you will also study change management and leading school efficiencies.

In addition, the learner will often complete a work-based project that addresses genuine challenges within their school.

Who is it for?

The CMDA is aimed at both new and existing school business managers and directors and those in similar school business professional roles (e.g. Finance Manager/Director, Office Manager, Senior Administrator, Business Support Officer, Bursar, HR Manager) employed in schools and academies.

“When the opportunity to apply for the BA (Hons) apprenticeship in School Business Leadership came up I didn’t hesitate to apply as it was an ideal opportunity to support my continued professional development.”

Read more about Cathryn Watson’s experience of the CMDA at the University of Chester here.

How long does it take?

The CMDA is normally a three-year apprenticeship programme.

Some providers that offer the SBP contextualised version of the CMDA, offer exemptions if you hold the L4 Diploma for School Business Managers or the L4 Diploma for School Business Managers and the L5 Diploma for School Business Leaders. This means that by evidencing your prior learning, you can complete the CMDA in a shorter length of time.

Students and their employers will be required to commit 20% of their normal working hours to the apprenticeship training. There are many ways that you can achieve the 20% off-the-job requirement. You can also find out more information:

Where is it offered and what types of learning options are available?

This apprenticeship is offered nationally through many different universities.

The apprenticeship is open to learners throughout England in both levy- and non-levy-funded schools, academies and trusts.

Start dates and delivery methods vary from provider to provider.

Apprenticeship providers offering the contextualised CMDA can be found here.