Other Apprenticeships available

Apprenticeships are a great way, not only to continue your own progression and professional development, but also to develop your team and plan for the future.

Developing teams

We are seeing that many school business professionals are using the apprenticeship levy to help increase the skills and knowledge in their teams. Benefits include:

  • Provides professional development opportunities and progression pathways for individuals.
  • It allows you to develop and harness the talent already within your school.
  • Can help fill organisational gaps based on the results of carrying out a learning needs analysis across your school or trust.
  • Can increase the skills and capacity of a team which in turn benefits the operational running of your school or trust.

Succession planning

Our School Business Professional Workforce Survey Report 2020 evidenced that, in general, our profession is an aging one and that a pipeline of new entrants is needed to be the next generation of school business professionals.

Apprenticeships provide a way of succession planning, either by taking on an apprentice or by developing the talent already in your school. By taking a long term strategic view and working with the relevant individuals, you can plan a progression route that takes a staff member from where they are to being able to be the next SBM, Finance Director or even CEO.

Relevant Apprenticeships

All apprenticeships and SBP qualifications can help you develop talent and progress professionally. Depending on the roles/skills required within your school or trust, you may want to look at generalist or specialist apprenticeships.

Some schools are using the level 2 and level 3 finance apprenticeships to give their staff a good foundation in the finance discipline, before progressing to the Level 4 School Business Professional apprenticeship.

Some of the following may help to get your staff started on their journey:

  • Level 2 Accounts / Finance Assistant
  • Level 3 Business Administrator
  • Level 3 HR Support
  • Level 3 Assistant Accountant
  • Level 3 Payroll Administrator
  • Level 3 Procurement and supply assistant
  • Level 4 School Business Professional
  • Level 4 Professional Accounting / Taxation Technician
  • Level 4 Commercial procurement and supply
  • Level 6 Strategic procurement and supply professional

You can find out more about the apprenticeship standards at