School business professionals (SBPs)

The school business profession is an exciting, vibrant profession with a huge amount of variety and opportunity to develop and progress.

SBPs play a pivotal role within the education sector to ensure that schools run effectively and efficiently so that they are able to deliver a world-class education for all children. Within our school system, there is a huge variety of school types and phases, from small rural primary schools to large inner-city secondary schools, special schools and large multi-academy trusts (MATs). The roles, job titles and responsibilities of SBPs reflect the school setting that they are in and allow the roles of SBPs to exist at various levels within a school setting.

The variety and diversity of roles within our profession enables SBPs to work in generalist as well as specialist and executive roles. It also provides opportunities for career progression and allows SBPs to experience different school settings and to work anywhere within the UK and abroad.

If you are not in an SBP role, then we encourage you to become part of an exciting, vibrant and rewarding profession.

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