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Powerful Allies has been described as a Quiet Revolution, introducing hitherto unseen levels of transparency and clarity into energy procurement. The unique Open Competition Charter sets new standards in an otherwise unregulated sector, with an approach to energy contract negotiation which truly reflects the needs of clients, rather than the incentives offered by suppliers or the sales targets of faceless brokers. No hidden deals, no hidden fees, just honest and accountable contract negotiation.

As a result, Powerful Allies has been appointed as Preferred Partner by leading professional bodies across all sectors and is proud to have a particularly strong base of clients in Education. See

All our Half-Hourly Electricity supplies are from 100% REGO backed Renewable source, such as Wind, Solar or Hydro, at zero added cost.

At the ISBL Conference – Bristol, we launched the Schools Carbon Challenge 2020. For more information, click here.